Laura Muinelo gained her degree in Biology from the University of Vigo (2009). She developed her Doctoral Thesis focused on the characterisation of the phenomenon of glycosylation alterations in colorectal cancer in the Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Immunology at the University of Vigo under the guidance of Drs. Almudena Fernández Briera y Emilio gil Martín. In 2009 she became a post-doctoral researcher in the Translational Medical Oncology group where she participated in various projects with the aim of studying molecular events key to the process of dissemination and metastasis in colon and endometrial tumours. Since 2012 she has been head of the Liquid Biopsy Analysis Unit IDIS. This unit specialises in the study of liquid biopsy as a tool to characterise tumours and carry out a more personalised oncology in different types of cancer (colon, breast, prostate, lung, ovarian, head and neck, endometrial, etc.) During these years she has been the tutor to several masters students, co-directed a doctoral thesis focused on the characterisation of CTCs in patients with prostate cancer, participated in or managing more than 10 basic research projects, and obtained different contracts with private entities and research clinicians. She has also participated in about twenty high impact publications in the field of Oncology.

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