Nano-Oncology Lab


The Nano-Oncology, Nanotheranostics and Translational Therapeutics Laboratory, led by Dr. María de la Fuente, SERGAS Miguel Servet researcher, was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing new therapeutic and diagnostic tools, based on the application of nanotechnology in the field of medicine.

Nanotechnology offers numerous advantages for drug delivery, since it allows selective and controlled release to the tumour tissue, in order to increase efficiency and reduce toxicity in other parts of the body. It also allows the resolution of bio-pharmaceutical problems associated with new synthesis drugs and therapeutic biomolecules (eg. ARN, proteins, antitumoral peptides…) Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate imaging elements, which allow both monitoring nano medicines after administration, and the evaluation of the efficacy of proposed therapies. This concept, where therapeutic and imaging elements are incorporated in the same nano-particle, is known as nanotheranostics.


There are several nano medicines currently used in clinical practice, and many others are under development. The distinguishing feature of our research group the focus on addressing disseminated disease, with the challenge of trying to understand the key points of this process, to help in the design of nano-systems able to locate metastatic cells and interfere with progress of the illness.

Our activities can be summarised as follows:

  • Nanotheranostics targeted specifically to address the process of metastasis.
  • Design and evaluation of new nano-therapies aimed at eliminating tumour cells and tumour micro-environment cells
  • Development of three-dimensional models that simulate the tumour micro-environment.



Principal Researcher

María de la Fuente Freire

María de la Fuente Freire

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